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Octopus, elephant, & human arm robot assistants from Festo

...a human worker: Festo is known for their animal-inspired robots. Watch more Festo tech in action: Kangaroos, butterflies and ants, penguins, jellyfish, rays, and more. Bonus: Madeline...

eMotionButterflies & BionicANTs: Festo’s bionic insect collectives

Though they seem to move through the air with the individual, fluttery ease of their insect counterparts, these eMotionButterflies by Festo are made from ultralight materials and are networked...

Bionic Kangaroo – Festo

Festo HQ, the engineering team that brought us Aqua Penguins, Aqua Jellyfish, dragonfly-inspired BionicOpters, and a robot that flies like a bird can now add Bionic Kangaroo to their list...

Festo: A Dragonfly-inspired BionicOpter

there are more great videos to check out from Festo in the archives, aqua and air penguins, jellyfish, and rays, as well as the TEDTalk, A robot that flies like a...

Festo Robot Animals: Penguins, jellyfish, rays, and more

Have you seen the robot AquaPenguin, from the Festo HQ team‘s Bionic Learning Network in Germany? It comes complete with glowing robot eyes! Other great videos to check out...

A Robot That Flies Like A Bird: Festo at TED

kid didn’t mind the explanations, especially when the pay off was seeing a robot bird fly! There are other demonstration videos (with less/no talking) on Festo HQ’s YouTube channel, as...

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