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How Kanazawa gold leaf is made

...static electricity, thin sheets of alloy are sandwiched by thin sheets of paper one sheet at a time, beat and stretched, gradually becoming thinner and thinner after undergoing a multi-stage...

The science of static electricity – TED Ed

What is static electricity? Why do we get a tiny spark when we’ve walked across a carpet and touched a doorknob? Or have you ever pet a cat and...

The Electric Sausage: A static electricity demonstration

Perhaps you’ve experimented with static electricity by using a balloon, paper clippings, your hair, a pencil, a plastic bag, or a Van de Graaff Generator… but have you ever...

ExpeRimental: How to Make Static Magic

Reveal your kids’ Jedi powers using static electricity with this episode of ExpeRimental from The Royal Institution of Great Britain. Watch ordinary household objects move without being touched as...

Sick Science! Static Flyer

It’s not magic, it’s science! In this case, physics! This Sick Science! experiment uses static electricity to help objects “fly” in the air. Details here. Next: watch more...

The Museum of Science and Energy’s Van de Graaff Generator

The Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee introduces the Van de Graaff Generator and static electricity! After they make everyone’s hair rise, they create some...

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