There’s just so much science, nature, music, art, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven’t seen. It’s most likely not stuff that was made for them…
But we don’t underestimate kids around here.

The Kid Should See This is a growing library of super-cool, STEAM-focused, “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos that are perfect for watching together. Enjoy 10-12 videos every week, curated by Rion Nakaya with help from her 3 and 6 year olds.

“…The Kid Should See This, a blog that aggregates kid-friendly wonders from science, art, technology, and more. If you aren’t reading it, you should be. Even if you don’t have kids.” 

– Maggie Koerth-Baker

Read about how the site got started at Design for Minikind, listen to an interview with Rion Nakaya on Wisconsin Public Radio, and watch 7 of her favorite STEM videos for kids on RiChannel, where she also explains the site’s goals:

There’s no shortage of educational content on the internet, and with so many kinds of science being celebrated with online videos, it’s never been easier to learn and be entertained. The challenge as a parent or teacher is finding that high quality content, and then making sure that it’s useful and friendly for a wide range of ages.

In 2011, I started The Kid Should See This to help with that challenge: to connect kids, parents, and teachers with smart, conversation-starting videos – about science, art, music, nature, and more – that probably weren’t made for kids, but are still perfect for them. Yes, it’s true that there are plenty of videos for kids out there, but they often include unnecessary wacky noises or simplistic narration that distracts from the beauty of what’s real, and what’s completely fascinating on its own. Why not share content that doesn’t underestimate what children can learn or might be interested in?

With a special focus on STEM storytelling, our video selections are driven by wonder, enthusiasm, and that “wow!” moment. We also look for videos that can appeal to kids and adults alike, so that it’s easy to build a shared vocabulary while spending time together. Parental involvement has a lasting, impactful effect on kids, and it’s great to demonstrate to them that the fun of learning doesn’t stop as we grow older.

The Kid Should See This has also been mentioned on Real Simple, Kottke, GeekDad, SwissMiss, Daddy Types, FlipBoard, The Times of India, DailyTekk, and TinyBop.

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