275,000 dominoes toppled toward a new Guinness World Record with the help of German company Sinners Domino Entertainment:

Last Friday we successfully toppled 272,297 out of 277,275 dominoes under the theme “Enjoy Your Life” at the Wilhelm-Lückert-Gym in Büdingen. After Wolfgang Naumann started the chain reaction, we immediately broke the world record for the most dominoes toppled in a spiral. Furthermore there were six areas with different motives and mechanisms.

There’s a tiny little plane involved. And pyramids. And pixel-style photos, walls of words, shelves, cascading walls, sliding hats, an aquarium… Really, I could keep going. The video is ten minutes long, which is long, but not as long as the eight days it took 12 builders to set it up!

via The Awesomer.

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