Ten bendable, posable figures spin around the outside of a turntable. At the center, a series of mirrors reflect their poses. This simple combination makes for a delightful and accessible animation toy: Eye Think’s BusyBody Quick-Pose Animator. Like a praxinoscope or the 3D zoetropes from Pixar and Studio Ghibli, when the bendy figures are posed slightly differently within a sequence, a spin of the turntable will make their reflection animate!

For a bit more fun, Eye Think’s Rufus Seder hot-glued ten 1.25″ diameter rubber plumbing gasket rings to give the figures hula hoops:

By removing one of the ten figures, the reflection appears to move sideways:

Busy Body is available through Eye Think Inc, or via Amazon, where you can also find zoetrope toys and 4M’s Animation Praxinoscope. Or make your own!

via Automata Blog.