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Territorial History of the USA: Every Month for 400 Years

Starting in 1629 and continuing through every month for (almost) 400 years, see how the contiguous United States formed colony by colony, then state by state, expanding with massive territories and redefining within c...

To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly (1909)

British naturalist and nature documentary pioneer Percy Smith created this short silent film of a mechanical replica spider in 1909 to educate the public about arachnids. To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly can be found in...

The iPhone of Slide Rules – Numberphile

From Numberphile, science and math writer Alex Bellos introduces the slide rule and then shares "the iPhone of Slide Rules" -- the Halden Calculex. On the pocket-sized disk made in Manchester, circa 1906, CollectingMe...

Animated Life: Pangea – The story of Alfred Wegener

Sometimes scientists spend their time riding in a hot air balloon, driving a dog sled, hunting seals, traveling on Greenland ice masses, flying box kites in the cold arctic evenings, and thinking about jigsaw puzzles ...

Georges Méliès: L’homme à la tête de caoutchouc (1901)

L'Homme à la tête de Caoutchouc (The Man With The Rubber Head) was directed by film pioneer Georges Méliès in 1901. The special effects might not look surprising now, but the superimposition and scale change film ...

Le voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès

Le voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon), the landmark silent film directed by prolific filmmaker Georges Méliès in 1902. And if this video disappears, you can watch it on Amazon. From Wikipedia: ...

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