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Dog – Nat Johnson

Dog, by British singer-songwriter Nat Johnson, animated by Fettle Animation. In the archives, more animated music videos: Eye to the Sky by Meomi, Grant Olney's Not From Body, Paper Plane by Massimo Giangrande, and a...

Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta time lapsed

Watch this Roadtrippers time lapse video of Albuquerque’s 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta, a nine day event where over 700 balloons take off into the sky. Full screen, HD-ready stuff.  Then watch more...

Science Friday: The Dark Art of Shadow Puppetry

Storytelling, shadows, and 3D viewing come together in this Science Friday report, Dark Art. Biology grad student Tom McDonagh tells of the first balloon trip across the English Channel in 1...

Maarten Koopman: Under My Hat

A clip of filmmaker Maarten Koopman’s Under My Hat.

An Acrocanthosaurus Made of Balloons

Watch a time-lapse video of how a 20-foot balloon acrocanthosaurus is made. The Airigami team assembled the dinosaur and its ecosystem, including some plants and some crawly insects, at the Virginia Museum of Natural ...

A Goshawk hunts in slow motion

Earth Unplugged films the northern goshawk’s magnificent speed and precision skills in slow motion as it aims for lures and water balloons.

Flying from Robben Island to Cape Town by helium-filled balloons

Using 160 large helium balloons and the help of 100 team members, Matt Silver-Vallance successfully flew from Robben Island to 300 meters off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa to raise money for the Nelson Mandela...

Sick Science! Static Flyer

It’s not magic, it’s science! In this case, physics! This Sick Science experiment uses static electricity to help objects “fly” in the air. Details here.

Space Balloonacy! Balloons popped in ISS microgravity

Because doing physics in space can produce some rarely-seen results, NASA astronaut Don Pettit conducted experiments on video while aboard the International Space Station in 2011/12. In this Science Off the Sphere vi...

Hello Kitty goes to space

We’ve seen this experiment a few times before, but never with Hello Kitty “catonaut” in a Japanese rocket made by a 12-year-old. And perhaps not with such a glorious pop: NASA doesn’t have a loc...

A Toy Train in Space

We’ve seen a lot of videos that send things up into the stratosphere, but Ron Fugelseth and his 4-year-old kid did this, plus one (animated) step more when they sent the kiddo’s fa...

Water Balloons Falling (and Bouncing) in Slow Motion

Slow motion water balloons, not filled completely so that they’ll bounce instead of pop. That’s some super ripple-y physics in action!

Homemade balloon-powered boat

We love when kids take science and the art of making into their own hands. This kid made his own balloon-powered boat! Related: Inexpensive balloon-powered boat kits found online and DIY Ideas on How to Make Balloon-...

The Fine Art of Folding Air: Balloon Sculpture Airigami

The Fine Art of Folding Air is a short piece by filmmaker Catherine Stratton that introduces the balloon sculpture work of Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle. Their company, Airigami, specializes in making ballo...

Recreating the balloon house from Pixar’s Up!

Almost a year ago, a National Geographic Channel show called How Hard Can It Be tried to recreate the balloon house from the Pixar movie Up! On Saturday morning, March 5, at dawn, a team of scientists, engineer...

DIY: Make a very lovely hovercraft

Make a very lovely hovercraft! This super awesome DIY project requires a bit of parent or teacher supervision (sharp needle needed to make a hole), but overall, it answers all of my wishes: Not...

Time lapse: Hot air balloons inflating for launch

Time-lapse hot air balloons inflating for launch and then, one by one, taking off into the sky.  via The Awesomer.

How It’s Made: Balloons

Of all of the fun things about how they make balloons, it was really the tilted brushes to roll up the balloon ends that got us. So simple!

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