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Human-powered helicopters, thought-controlled helicopters, and now helicopter-bicycles! From PopSci

The helicopter-bike is a prototype developed by a team of three Czech companies, which just took it for a five-minute test flight inside a Prague exhibition hall. That’s actually a lightweight dummy in the driver’s seat, since those massive propellers make this thing weigh over 200 pounds, meaning it’s not yet flyable with the weight of a human on board.

What kind of helicopter do you want to invent?

Four skydivers do a choreographed dance in the Skydive Arena wind tunnel in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The kid keeps asking to watch this classic viral video. I’ve explained about how the wind tunnel allows them to “fly” but i’m not sure it’s all so clear. And frankly, I don’t completely understand how they do it either. But I know we’d both love to try. Here’s another video with a lesson in action!