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Science Demo: Electromagnetic Induction

Generate your own electricity with some wire, a magnetic field, and the relative movement between the two of them: Alom Shaha explains electromagnetic induction using this hand-powered – or per...

How to make a rolled Japanese omelette

How to make a rolled Japanese omelette, Dashimaki Tamago, with a square frying pan. In related news, my kids want a square frying pan. In the archives: more eggs. via swissmiss.

DIY Experiment: Electric Dough Playdate

From PBS’ Adventures in Learning, Jennifer Cooper hosts an Electric Dough playdate to make and test circuits. For this project, developed by engineering educator AnnMarie Thomas, you’...

The Reversing Arrow Illusion: An amazing & easy trick for all ages

We just tried this super easy Reversing Arrow Illusion, and it is, in fact, super easy. Draw two left-pointing arrows on a piece of paper and then put a clear, empty glass between you and thos...

Lullatone: Experiments Around the House

From Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida of Lullatone, enjoy Experiments Around the House (2011),

Science Demo: How to make Pearls of Water

Gravitational acceleration + optical illusions + how to! In this Get Set… Demonstrate, science teacher Alom Shaha shows step by step how to create Pearls of Water, a physics-defying dem...

Erik Åberg’s Ghostcubes

Bending on almost-invisible hinges, Ghostcube is a system of wooden cubes that can create different structures depending on how they’re twisted and rearranged. They’re made by Stoc...

How to Make Heart-Shaped Eggs

How to Make Heart-Shaped Eggs by DaveHax. via laughingsquid.

How to make a papercraft rainbow snake

A papercraft snake that can twist and turn! Find out how to make your own in this video tutorial by dutchpapergirl. Pdfs of the pattern are here. Next: what else can you make with this style o...

Charlie Chaplin’s dinner roll dance from The Gold Rush (1925)

This is Charlie Chaplin performing one of the most memorable moments in film history: the dinner roll dance, or table ballet, from the silent comedy classic The Gold Rush (1925).

Adrian Esparza’s Wake and Wonder at the Pérez Art Museum Miami

From the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s exhibition, AMERICANA: Formalizing Craft, this is Adrian Esparza’s Wake and Wonder, a 12 x 30 foot installation rewoven from a Mexican serape bla...

How To Draw Your Hand In 3D

Here’s a fun, quick trick: How To Draw Your Hand In “3D”. What other things around the house or outside can you use this technique with?

Gary Greenberg’s microscope photography of sand grains

This short promo video for artist Gary Greenberg's microscope photography is a great introduction to exploring the tiny, ancient rocks that we call sand. Check out how diverse their details...

How to eat a cupcake

After watching this video on how to eat a cupcake, you may never look at a cupcake in the same way again.

How to make geometric bubbles

How to make geometric bubbles. File under: fun thing we’ll be doing this weekend. There are more bubbles floating around in the archives. Thanks, @madfishmonger.

Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly play The Tapping Game

Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly play The Tapping Game… and they sing and dance, because when you have Julie Andrews and Gene Kelly on stage together, that’s what happens. This clip i...

Gears of all shapes: square, oval, pentagonal, organic & more

Wooden clock designer Clayton Boyer demonstrates a variety of square, oval, pentagonal, organic and other unbelievably-shaped gears. These Gears Really Work? Yes, yes they do. Related watchin...

Amazing T-Rex Illusion

This T-Rex will turn its head to watch you as you move. But how?? YouTube illusionist Brusspup shares the secret with this Jerry Andrus-inspired trick. And if you want to try it out yourself, Brusspup made these green...