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Building a Volcano-bot | How She Works

Volcanologist Carolyn Parcheta builds and tests Volcano bots, sturdy and compact robots that can explore inside volcanoes. Her team is developing these two-wheeled explorers to learn more about how magma moves and how...

Hawaii – The Pace of Formation

The Kilauea Volcano's continued flow of lava into the ocean is one of the few places in the world to provide a front row seat of an island's formation. The Big Island is literally changing before your eyes. This vast ...

Kilauea – The Fire Within and Living with Lava

Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii to see Kilauea's stunning lava flows across the southeast part of the island in Kilauea - The Fire Within, a film by Hawaiian native Lance Page. In contrast to the dramatic style ...

After Royal Gardens: molten lava heads 2-miles to the ocean

Lava flows are powerful and fascinating to watch. We saw this one on Devour, below, and immediately watched it and the one above. These are both from Kilauea’s Pu`u O`o crater, whic...

Pu`u O`o lava claims The Lava House

Kilauea’s Pu`u O`o crater has been erupting off and on, with little interruption, since January 3, 1983. In the last few months, it took over a green area called Royal Gardens, where a lone house, a bed and brea...

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