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Why do ice cubes crack in drinks?

Here's an easy experiment: Take ice straight from the freezer and drop it in a glass of water. Listen and watch for the crack. Why does it do that? Professor Martyn Poliakoff of the Periodic Table of Videos team e...

Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 Ping Pong Balls

Dr. Roy Lowry of Plymouth University in the UK made science explosively exciting for his class by demonstrating how powerful (and loud) it can be when the pressure of cold, trapped Liquid Nitro...

Sculpting in Solid Mercury using Liquid Nitrogen

Boing Boing Video teams up with PopSci and Theo Gray (in 2009) for an eerily beautiful science experiment — how to cast solid, if fleeting, shapes from normally liquid mercury —...

Mind-blowing: Quantum levitation

Quantum levitation. “Superconductivity locked in space,” a phenomenon known as quantum trapping. You can see more details in this video. Mind. Blown.  Via BoingBoing.