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Sesame Street’s Numerosity: Baker Number 10

Numerosity, also known as The Henson 10, also known around our house as The Baker videos: this is number 10 in the series of number shorts by Jim Henson for the first season of Sesame Street in 1969. While the bak...

5 Hidden Worlds Revealed Under a Microscope (with Telly!)

Sesame Street's Telly teams up with 5facts' Annie Colbert and Matt Silverman to explore sand, chalk, strawberries, velcro, and lint up close: 5 Hidden Worlds Revealed Under a “MEGA...

Sesame Street: Signing Alphabet (1977)

From the early Sesame Street days, composer Joan La Barbara's Signing Alphabet (1977).

Sesame Street’s Mad Painter paints the number 7

Sesame Street’s Mad Painter paints the number 7, starring Paul Benedict and featuring Stockard Channing and Jerome Raphel. We especially love the jaunty silent film-style music. After th...

Jim Henson: Run, Run (1965)

Travel back to 1965 in Run, Run, a short autumn-filled film by Jim Henson in which his daughters Lisa and Cheryl run freely through the woods near their home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Sesame Street: Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home

Classic Sesame Street: Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home.

Sesame Street: That’s about the size

Classic Sesame Street time: That’s about the size.

5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids (w/ Grover!)

Science experiments + a cute and furry blue monster that we know and love = YES. Hosts Annie Colbert and Matt Silverman have clearly helped discover the formula for making an instant video fa...

Loaf of Bread, Container of Milk, Stick of Butter (1972)

Loaf of Bread, Container of Milk, Stick of Butter (1972), from Sesame Street, of course. Updated video link.

Sesame Street: Spinning clay on a pottery wheel

Another classic Sesame Street clip: spinning clay on a pottery wheel.

Sesame Street: Pinball Countdown

Has the kid seen this 1977 Sesame Street classic? Pinball Countdown, featuring the Pointer Sisters.

The Count

A 26-second homage to The Count, featuring the 1992 remix of the Sesame Street theme by the English group Smart E’s. Animation by Ireland-based director, animator and designer Chris O...

Count on Me

drawnblog: Count on Me (by Gentleman Scholar) If this isn’t an actual Sesame Street segment (and I’m guessing it’s not) it sure should be.

Sesame Street: Hurricane Part 1

Sesame Street explains the hurricane to kids in an episode originally created for Hurricane Katrina and set to air again this weekend in the aftermath of Sandy. Sesame Street - Hurricane Part 1, via explore-...

Sesame Street: Making apple cider

Another classic from Sesame Street: Making apple cider. — ‘Tis the season! Want to pick your own apples, too? Visit PickYourOwn.org to find an orchard in your area.

Classic Sesame Street: Old paper, new paper

Not only does this classic Sesame Street short explain paper recycling in a relatable way, but it’s always great when the music is unique to the video rather than catering to popular m...

Sesame Street: Three Balls

Another classic from Sesame Street. And some fun animation voice work! 

Sesame Street: A drum from a barrel

Classic Sesame Street time! Kids get help making drum from a barrel against the backdrop of New York City in the early 80s. The video doesn’t dive deep into it, but there’s even more detail in just ho...

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