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Rafflesia kerrii, the world’s largest, smelliest flower?!

Take a walk in the rainforest of Thailand's Khao Sok National Park with Maddie Moate and Greg Foot. They're on the lookout for Rafflesia kerrii, one of the world's largest, smelliest flowers. It's also a rare flow...

Cinnamon – Harvesting Cassia in the Jungles of Sumatra

Where does cinnamon come from? And what is it? Foodie travels to Kerenci Valley on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia to witness how to harvest and dry this spice of oatmeals, raisin breads, apple desserts, mulled bev...

Orangutan Smile: A mother orangutan cuddles her baby

Observing a six month old baby girl orangutan, an eight year old son and their mother as they spend family time together in the Sumatran jungle in Indonesia. From the cameraman for this Earth...

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