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Primate Parenthood: Red ruffed lemur & Allen’s swamp monkey

Smithsonian's National Zoo has just welcomed some of the rarest newborns in the world, and to first-time mothers. Meet red-ruffed lemur Molly, who just gave birth to a litter. Lemurs, the most endangered mammals on Ea...

Wild Inside the National Zoo: Curious Andean Bear Cubs

Born in mid-November of 2014, Mayni and Muniri, two supercute Andean Bear cubs, are now at the age where they're getting into everything, so the Smithsonian's National Zoo team are working hard to babyproof the cubs' ...

Elephant Intelligence – Wild Inside the National Zoo

Caretakers at the Smithsonian's National Zoo know from experience that Asian elephants are intelligent creatures, but they wanted to help officially document the problem-solving skills of the planet's largest land mam...

Reptile Rejuvenation – Wild Inside the National Zoo

In this episode of Wild Inside the National Zoo, Reptile Rejuvenation, we get to meet three kinds of cold-blooded creatures that are warmly cared for: Aldabra Tortoises, a Grand Cayman iguana, and a Komodo Dragon name...

Raising Red Panda Cubs Tink & Henry – Wild Inside the National Zoo

This is the story of Tink and Henry, two of ten red panda babies that were born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in 2014. Both cubs had early health problems, prompting zoo keepers to take immediate action: around th...

Shanthi, the National Zoo’s Musical Elephant, Plays the Harmonica

When the elephant keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo hear the sound of a harmonica, it’s not the radio they’ve left on. Instead, it’s the Zoo’s 36-year-old Asian elephant, Shanth...

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