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Juggling Gentlemen

From The New Conformity in Vancouver, Canada, watch Chris Murdoch, Ryan Mellors, & Yuki Ueda blend juggling with a touch of Vaudeville in this video from Kuma Films. There are more Kuma videos, and more juggling v...

The largest sea star in the world: a sunflower sea star eating

What if you didn’t send food down to your stomach to digest it, but you sent your stomach up to your food instead? This is exactly what the sunflower seastar does. With 16 to 24 arms and...

Sea Otter vs. Ice: Rocks are perfect for cracking frozen food-filled ice

From the Vancouver Aquarium:  Sea otters usually prey on hard-shelled food — If they’re too hard to crack with their teeth, they’ll smash them open with, or against, a r...

Baby Octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium

The baby octopuses at the Vancouver Aquarium are now six weeks old and still going strong. They are dining on thawed krill in this clip, and sometimes have a tug-a-war over their food. Thanks, @Heywood.