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A Kinetic Mind by Elizabeth Rudge introduces the kinetic sculptures of artist Anthony Howe. The sculptures are visually interesting patterns when still, but are mesmerizing when the wind powers their spinning, rotating, reflecting, interweaving… 

Watch A Cloud Light, above, or check out Octo, or maybe this standing Vlast-O-Spline, though this Bob-sythe is rather incredible… what’s your favorite?

More videos: the Randall Museum’s Windswept and Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests.

Thanks, @mindfulmimi. h/t Colossal.

Two college student designers (Luke Greenway and Laura D’Asaro), 27 volunteers, seven hours of work, five attempts, and 2,131 books mixed together at the Seattle Public Library to create the longest book domino chain in the world. The library used the new world record to celebrate and promote their 2013 Summer Reading Program.

There are many, many more chain reactionsworld records, and books in the archives, including this stop motion fun: The Joy of Books.

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We’ve always loved the super tall wind-power turbines while speeding by on a train or in a car. Reaching tall into the sky, they are a marvel of sustainable kinetic power and so the kid often asks for videos of them…  

This time-lapse video shows the assembly of three wind-power turbines within a two-day period in June 2011 at Puget Sound Energy’s Lower Snake River Wind Project-Phase I, located in Garfield County, Washington. From the ground to the tip of a vertical blade, the 2.3-megawatt turbines stand more than 430 feet tall and weigh 340 tons. The boom on the crane erecting the turbines extends 390 feet into the air. When completed in early 2012, PSE’s newest wind farm will have 149 turbines capable of generating 343 megawatts of electricity, enough to serve 100,000 households.

Snowy Owls lead nomadic lives and travel vast distances from year to year searching for productive feeding areas. Some years, most recently in the winter of 2011/2012, conditions cause them to come south in great numbers.

Get an intimate look at these white owls from the north through video and photographs captured by the Cornell Lab’s, Gerrit Vyn

More owls and more from the lab: the Birds of Paradise project.