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Road painters painting road markings by hand

The painted lines and symbols on streets, in parking lots, and along our city and country roads are created with a variety of mobile machines, vehicles, and hand-painting techniques. In a parking spot in Sokcho, South...

What does the wheelchair symbol actually mean?

Some of the world’s most recognizable symbols exist to sell products. Others, to steer traffic or advance political causes. But there’s one whose main purpose is to help people. You may know it as the wheelchair symbo...

The Rolling Dance Chair, an omnidirectional, hands-free wheelchair

So often, knowing someone who deals with a challenge can help us become more empathetic and more aware of possible solutions for that challenge. Having grown up with a father who she felt was "boxed in" by his manual ...

This Technology Wants to Make Wheelchairs Obsolete

What if people who are currently wheelchair-bound could, in the future, put on an exoskeleton -- a wearable bionic exosuit -- as if it was simply a shirt and jeans? Ekso Bionics, a design and manufacturing startup out...

The Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible Electric Vehicle

Made especially to give wheelchair users a way to drive independently, the Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible electric vehicle goes up to 25mph with a range of 45-60 miles, perfect for driving to the grocery store or for m...

Jerry Ford’s automatic wheelchair brake device

Elderly people with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia sometimes forget to use the manual brakes on their wheelchairs, which then fall out from under them when they try to stand or sit. When this ...

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