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Observing the angle of repose with DIY physics devices

The angle of repose or critical angle of repose is how steep various types of materials can be piled without slumping. The steepness of the side of a pile is determined by the amount of friction between the particles ...

Bend-testing laser-cut plywood hinge patterns

Bending a sheet of plywood is made possible when patterns are cut into it. The smaller wood units remain connected while flexing more independently as the piece folds. Laser Artisan demonstrates this hinge-making tech...

How to make a hexagonal starry sky LED night light

With a leftover piece of wood, lots of drilled holes, flexible LED strip lights and some quick wiring, Linn from the Darbin Orvar YouTube channel demonstrates how she made a hexagonal starry sky LED night light. Do...

Circular motion demonstration with a sparkler & a hula hoop

From physics teacher and film maker Alom Shaha, check out these simple demonstrations showing how something moving in a circle will move in a straight line when you remove the centripetal force acting upon that thing....

Michael Moschen’s The Triangle

Master juggler Michael Moschen weaves rhythm, physics, and hand-eye coordination into this wonderful performance called The Triangle.  There are a few more jugglers juggling in the archives...

Plane Geometry – Angle Dance

Math + 80s glamrock = Angle Dance. The rock group “Plane Geometry” singsplains angles in this clip from Children’s Television Workshop's Square One Television, a show dedicated to teaching math....

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