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France A. Córdova – Nautilus’ Spark of Science

France A. Córdova, the director of the National Science Foundation of the United States, former NASA Chief Scientist, and former Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside, had to petition to get into her h...

Game Over by PES

Centipede, Frogger, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man are all remade with cupcakes, muffins, toy cars, watches, candy, beetles, pizza, and more in this HD version of Game Over by stop motion filmmaker PES. The or...

The Importance of Staring Out Of The Window

Staring out the window is often associated with a lack of attention or productivity, but in this film from The School of Life, we examine the activity (or lack of activity) as a highly productive pursuit that we might...

Dina Amin’s Tinker Friday Stop Motion Project

What's inside an old optical mouse? How many pieces are they made from? How might they be reimagined? Cairo-based product designer Dina Amin made a hobby from these questions, turning it into a delightful side project...

FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe

In an animation that hearkens back to the work of illustrator Charley Harper, Chromosphere intertwines humanity's scientific achievements with the wonders of the natural world: FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Unive...

A 3D printed ‘wheel-of-light’ zoetrope that walks and dances

When this 3D printed, bent-looking mesh cylinder is spun and lit with a band of bright light from the side, a walking person is revealed. This is toki, a modern zoetrope was created by media artist Akinori Goto. A dan...

Explaining The Tree of Life

Travel millions of years through time with Sir David Attenborough as he explains The Tree of Life. Some background on the metaphor from The New York Times: In his 1859 book “On the Origin of Species,” Charles Darw...

By The River – An animated introduction to five kinds of birds

Learn how to identify blackbirds, swallows, the kingfisher, swifts, and goldfinches in this visual and aural delight by animator Will Rose: By The River. Next: Explore more wonderful animal sounds and birds

Bach, Prelude in C-sharp major, WTC I, BWV 848, animated

Performed by Kimiko Ishizaka and accompanied by Stephen Malinowski's Music Animation Machine score, enjoy the prelude in C-sharp major from the first book of Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier.

Papa by Natalie Labarre

"When an eccentric inventor realizes he's not a perfect father, he tries to make one." Papa by animator and illustrator Natalie Labarre. From an interview with her on Idea Rocket Animation: So, for some reason, mo...

Why do some people have seasonal allergies?

If you've ever experienced watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, and other allergic reactions during springtime, or you haven't but you know someone who has, this beautifully animated TED Ed by Eleanor Nels...

Voltige (Aerobatics)

From Léo Brunel at MOPA (Supinfocom), Arles' school of CG animation, this is Voltige, a short about some unexpected trapeze artistry... sort of. Watch more acrobatics and more animation in the archives.

The Man Who Put the Pee in Phosphorus

In the 1660's, German alchemist Hennig Brand thought he knew the secret to making solid gold: pee. So set was he on these golden ambitions, he dehydrated 1,500 gallons (gallons!) of human urine to make it happen. Thou...

Eagle Blue

Eagle Blue lives high on a mountain top above a sleepy town below. With hungry chicks to feed she may lured in to the town by the temptation of an easy meal. Eagle Blue, an animated adventure by Will Rose

Laika’s Head of Puppetry explains how stop motion puppets are made

Go behind the scenes with Puppet Fabrication Creative Supervisor Georgina Hayns -- who set up the puppet department at Laika, the animation studio behind Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings -- to fin...

Scissors attempt to make A Small Escape

A pair of scissors attempts to make A Small Escape (Den Lilla Flykten) by Stockholm-based CG artist David Sandell. The short was Best Animation winner at Sweden’s Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2016.

The Story of Zero – Getting Something from Nothing

Once upon a time, zero wasn’t really a number. Its journey to the fully fledged number we know and love today was a meandering one. Today, zero is both a placeholder, and tool, within our number system signifying an a...

The art of sound design: How to be a Foley artist

How are animated movies filled with so many real ambient sounds? Go behind the scenes at Lucasfilm's new state-of-the-art sound lab with Foley artists Shelly Roden and John Roesch, as WIRED senior editor Peter Rubin l...

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