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How Does It Grow? Apples

Before watching this video, we thought that planting a Gala apple seed would grow a Gala apple tree that would produce Gala apples. Perhaps not! In this episode of How Does It Grow?, we get to see the rather surprisin...

Té de Manzana (Apple Tea) from La Academia de Animación

This playful short from La Academia de Animación's Lula Gomez and Jordi Piulachs mixes paper craft, sound effects, and stop motion with a bit of a twist: Té de Manzana (Apple Tea). Related watching: apples and more...

Recipe Lab: How to make a Caramelized Apple Tarte Tatin

From Recipe Lab by Julia Moskin, learn how to make a delicious Caramelized Apple Tarte Tatin, also known as Foolproof Tarte Tatin, "a gloriously simple but often misunderstood French confection of apples, caramel and ...

Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg

Here’s a perception-bending video from 2012 by Rube Goldberg machine specialists 2D House: Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg. How do you think they do it? There are always more Rube Goldber...

Chico Marx plays the piano (and an apple)

Chico Marx plays the piano (and an apple) for his brother Harpo in this 1940 clip from the film Go West. There are more classic clips and more Marx Brothers in the archives. 

Olive Us: Cider Farm & how apples are “picked” with a tree shaker

The Olive Us sibs (Maude, Olive, Oscar, Ralph, Betty & June) head out to La Galotière in Normandy, France to watch how apples are "picked" on a Cider Farm. File under: tree shaker! In the archives: french baker...

Elephantine: How to make an Apple Galette

The Apple Galette, a beautifully illustrated how-to video by Rachel Ball of Elephantine. The detailed recipe is at Too Much Food.

Sesame Street: Making apple cider

Another classic from Sesame Street: Making apple cider. — ‘Tis the season! Want to pick your own apples, too? Visit to find an orchard in your area.

Sesame Workshop stop motion paper animations by Studio Nos

Created by Matthew Amonson and Jeremy Bronson of Studio Nos for Sesame Workshop, this film about an apple tree uses paper in a subtle and lovely way. They’ve created a few of these stop m...