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The art of carving, Haruya Abe

By carving simple yet elegant patterns into pottery, Japanese ceramicist Haruya Abe has created a beautiful line of handmade dishware and a large instagram following. His account features short videos of his diligent ...

How Scientists and Citizens Are Protecting Ancient Ruins in Peru

How can a historic archaeological site become a protected part of the crowded city that threatens to take it over for development? Pachacamac Site and Sanctuary Museum director Denise Pozzi-Escot has worked to solve t...

The art of Japanese marquetry

Crafted with different colors of wood arranged in intricate patterns, Yosegi Zaiku or Japanese marquetry is a style of object decoration that's practiced in Hakone, a town near Mount Fuji. No wood staining is used to ...

Wooden toys by 80-year-old Japanese toymaker Masaaki Hiroi

Fourth generation toymaker Masaaki Hiroi handcrafts toys in his workshop at the age of 80. In this AJ+ profile, he talks about his work, his classic toys, and aging. He wants to live until he's 200 years old. An excer...

The Japanese handmade paper of Kyoto Kurotani

Observing the craftsmanship in 18 workshops around Kyoto, Japan, filmmaker Kuroyanagi Takashi recorded how Japanese washi -- Ganpishi, Kozogami, Mitsumatagami -- is made, an 800 year old art. From JapanesePaperPlace.c...

From Clay to Mosaics – How zellige (الزليج) mosaics are made

From Moroccan interior design company Habibi Interiors, watch as maâlems (master craftsmen) take their time and skill to create terra cotta tiles known as zellige, zillij, or الزليج, meaning "tiles" in Arabic: From Cl...

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