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Osiris-Rex: Chasing Asteroid Bennu – Out There

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx space vehicle launched from Cape Canaveral on September 8, 2016, riding an Atlas V rocket into a seven year long mission to map the asteroid Bennu and the bring a sample of it back to Earth. From Ast...

Game Over by PES

Centipede, Frogger, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man are all remade with cupcakes, muffins, toy cars, watches, candy, beetles, pizza, and more in this HD version of Game Over by stop motion filmmaker PES. The or...

Space Rocks: Comets, asteroids, meteors, & meteorites

This claymation primer on comets, asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites helps us learn about Space Rocks in a super adorable way. Made by Beakus for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the animation is one in a ...

Exploring the surface of a comet or asteroid with Hedgehog

When you're exploring a comet or asteroid, you've got to contend with a microgravity environment and some seriously rugged terrain, two huge challenges for a traditional rover. Enter Hedgehog, a jump, spin, and tumble...

Night Wanderers: Asteroid 2012 DA 14 passing Earth (February 2013)

Night Wanderers, captured by space and time-lapse enthusiast Colin Legg. As you may have heard, the asteroid 2012 DA14 silently glided past Earth on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013. Observations us...

Planetary Resources: Asteroid Mining Mission Revealed

Watching this Planetary Resources video about their mission to near-Earth asteroids makes me feel like I’m watching a made-up video from a movie set in the future. But once again, the fu...

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