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A Rube Goldberg-style Egg Breaker machine

Enjoy some delightful music as yolks travel unbroken through the little metal slides! We love watching food machines and Rube Goldberg machines. This demonstration video for the Egg Breaker from OVO-TECH mixes the two...

Japan’s high-tech conveyor belt sushi restaurants

What if food came to your restaurant table on a conveyor belt, kaiten-zushi or carousel-style? In this technology demonstration video from automation equipment company Hong-Chiang, we get to see Japan's famous conveyo...

Inside the LEGO Factory: How robots & machines make LEGO

In this factory in Billund, Denmark, autonomous robots and precise machines can make 36,000 LEGO pieces per minute... that's 2.16 million pieces every hour or 19 billion elements every year... if not more. Recent tota...

Ultra Fast Robots Pick & Place Batteries to Form Group Patterns

These manufacturing robots were built to organize parts on a conveyor belt, picking, placing, and grouping at high speed. Watch as the spindle-armed Delta Robot (right) and compact LR Mate 200iD robot (left) sort and ...

Automated Cake Icing and Decorating Machines

Cake-decorating robots! We generally prefer the whimsy and unique details that happen when humans decorate cakes, but this cake finishing equipment from food service manufacturing company Unifiller is interesting to w...

A Google self driving car test with a legally blind man

Behold Google’s Driverless Car. From PC Mag:  Google released the video to celebrate that it has safely completed 200,000 miles of computer-lead driving. The video shows [Steve] Mahan sitting in the driver&#...

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