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A Baby Nine-Banded Armadillo found in a yard in Texas

A baby nine-banded armadillo, introduced by the Texan who found him in the garden and then released him farther afield! Nine-banded armadillos are generally insectivores. They forage for m...

A daddy Asian Elephant that cuddles his calf

Who doesn’t love a dad that cuddles his kid? How about a daddy Asian Elephant that cuddles his calf? From the Melbourne Zoo, watch 1 year old Ongard enjoy some father and son time with his dad Bong Su.

Baby capybaras at Ichihara Elephant Kingdom in Japan

Japan’s Ichihara Elephant Kingdom has new baby capybaras! The capybara is the largest extant rodent in the world. Its closest relatives are agouti, chinchillas, coyphillas, and guinea pigs. Native to South Am...

Baby Hippo Monifa takes her first swim

Monifa, a baby pygmy hippopotamus at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in Australia, took her first swim in 2008 while proud zoo keepers looked on. From wikipedia:  The pygmy hippo is herbivorous, ...

Baby Koala: A Joey moves in its pouch at the Taipei Zoo

A baby koala, called a Joey, moves inside (and occasionally peeks from!) its mother’s pouch at the Taipei Zoo. From National Geographic: …a female koala carries her baby in her pouch for about six mont...

Ladybug swarm and how they reveal their wings to fly

This lady bug swarm video from the mountains above Boulder, Colorado got popular in 2010, but the kids hadn’t seen it until this weekend and loved just how colorful this particular swarm...

Learning to be an elephant in Samburu

A bit of water and mud fun while learning to be an elephant in Samburu. From the BBC’s Planet Earth Live: baby elephants! via The Awesomer.

Penguin babies taking their first steps

Penguin babies (specifically Emperor Penguin babies in Antarctica) taking their first steps! From The March of the Penguins, narrated by Morgan Freeman. Updated video.

Camels and Friends: Nessie and Baby in Arizona

There are two dromedary camels that live in Arizona that are now internet famous: their names are Nessie and Baby. You can tell that they are Dromedary or Arabian camels because they have only...

Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2m45s

What an excellent video for kids to see: one of their own growing from a baby to a 12 year old. This video has gone viral since linked on Reddit… Frans Hofmeester recorded video of Lotte, his daughter...

Great Migrations: Red crab babies hatch and run for land

From Great Migrations: Red crab larvae hatch and head for dry land, covering Christmas Island’s beaches with wiggly creatures trying to survive beyond hungry fish and determined ants. 

Baby Aardvark and Mom at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is happy to announce the birth of an aardvark on January 12, 2012. Because of the dedicated care provided by the Society’s zookeepers, veterinarians, veterinary technici...

How volunteers hand-raised an orphaned short-tailed fruit bat

Lil’ Drac is an orphaned short-tailed fruit bat. This video tells the story of how volunteers at Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas hand-raised Lil’ Drac from a baby to a ...

What does a baby rhino sound like?

Baby rhinos sound adorable, And they don’t sound anything like we thought they would! Via Neatorama.

Baby Octopus crawling around out of water

Walking octopus videos! This little baby one above stands out because it’s so very tiny and cute! There’s a bit more at Octopus Chronicles as to why they might be found out of the water. (Hint: nom nom nom...

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings scurry out to sea

Normally, these little guys would be vulnerable to being picked up by predators such as vultures, sea gulls, raccoons, possums, coyotes, and people. But this is a very lucky nest of Olive Ridley Sea Turtle hatchlings;...

Baby Octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium

The baby octopuses at the Vancouver Aquarium are now six weeks old and still going strong. They are dining on thawed krill in this clip, and sometimes have a tug-a-war over their food. Thanks, @Heywood.

Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys with a bright orange baby

Found in Southeast Asia, adult Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys are completely grey and their newborn babies are bright orange! This clip is from the BBC’s Life documentary series, written and narrated by David Attenborou...

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