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Ballet Swan Lake Fouetée: Nureyev and Fonteyn

This 1967 clip from Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, legends Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn give a very brief glimpse of the incredible athleticism involved in ballet. So. Many. Spins. You can watch the entir...

The Washington Ballet’s hardest dance moves

From the Washington Post: watch as six Washington Ballet dancers demonstrate their most challenging moves. In the archives: more jaw-dropping ballet moves, including this clip of Mikhail Baryshnikov in ...

Ballet dancer Amanda Smith

Ballet dancer Amanda Smith stops by Anaheim Ballet where she trained as a teen. Smith can now be seen in productions with the North Carolina Dance Theater.

Milena Sidorova‘s The Spider

Milena Sidorova's The Spider, a piece that she choreographed as a teenager because, she explains, “I used to be obsessed with spiders as a child.” In the archives: more ballet.

A Bird Ballet: A murmuration of starlings over Marseille, France

Filmed against the sunset skies of Marseille, France, A Bird Ballet is a moment with a flock of (what we assume are) quickly-shifting starlings, caught by filmmakers Neels Castillon and Mathias Touzeris a...

From the Royal Ballet of Flanders – Backstage Sleeping Beauty

From the Royal Ballet of Flanders - Backstage Doornroosje (Backstage Sleeping Beauty):  In the video below our four principals, Aki, Geneviève, Alain and Wim, unfold their ballet way of life. But not before 11-year...

Birmingham Royal Ballet – Sleeping Beauty rehearsals

Recorded in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s studios, Ambra Vallo and Mathias Dingman rehearse a pas de deux from the company’s recent production of The Sleeping Beauty. 

Mikhail Baryshnikov competing and winning in Moscow (1969)

This clip is from a film exploring the 1969 Moscow International Competition of Ballet Artists at the Bolshoi Theater. It features a young Mikhail Baryshnikov, who won, as well as the silver medalist from Japan. Jump...