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The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall

On August 13, 1961, construction workers began tearing up streets and erecting barriers in Berlin. This night marked the beginning of one of history’s most infamous dividing lines: the Berlin Wall. Construction contin...

Greetings Around the World

When you see friends or acquaintances, do you hug or kiss on the cheek? Do you shake hands or say 'hey' and wave hello before starting a conversation? What greetings are most common where you live? The Cut travels...

Measuring the Berlin TV Tower with a ruler

Can you calculate how tall a building or monument is by using a ruler and the scale on a map? Mathematician Matt Parker attempts this ambitious math feat during his trip to the German capital. The structure he's aimin...

Hoberman spheres transform in this colorful kinetic installation

Hoberman spheres can be found in toys stores, your local science museum, and in the permanent collection at MoMA. Invented by artist, engineer, architect, and inventor Chuck Hoberman, the spheres can expand and contra...

Berlin mural painter transforms her city through art

Mural artist Polina Soloveichik transforms spaces with her larger than life illustrations. In this Lufthansa-sponsored video, she discusses the inspiration for her work and travel. via I...

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