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How do baby flamingos become pink?

Watch as downy gray flamingo chicks are fed bright red milk, a sort of crop milk made from either parents' upper digestive tracts. As the chicks grow, they develop their signature pink feathers, as well as adult bills...

3D printing ‘hyperelastic bone’ to mend injuries

Hyperelastic bone may be a 3D-printed solution for helping to mend our bones in the future. Cost-effective and customizable, the material is both a "structural element and a scaffold for bone regeneration," as shown i...

The Cycle: Carbon and Oxygen and You

From PBS Digital Studios and Joe Hanson of It's Okay to Be Smart, this is The Cycle: Carbon and Oxygen and You, a visualized explanation for what happens when we breathe. And here it is explained: via It's Oka...

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