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Vampire Bats: Bloodthirsty … and Cuddly – Skunk Bear

In this Skunk Bear episode, Adam Cole travels to 'bat paradise' (also known as the country of Panama) to meet with May Dixon and Dr. Gerry Carter of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. There he gets a close l...

Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body

Oxygen forms about 21% of the air around us. In your body, oxygen forms a vital role in the production of energy in most cells. But if gases can only efficiently diffuse across tiny distances, how does oxygen reach th...

The toy-inspired Paperfuge, an innovative new tool in healthcare

Bioengineer and Stanford researcher Manu Prakash has developed another inexpensive scientific device. The Paperfuge is a hand-spun, ultra low-cost, paper and string centrifuge that was inspired by the ancient whirligi...

Why Warm Blood is Better Than Cold – Rise of the Mammals

What does a tiny Hadrocodium wui fossil tell us about the evolutionary advantages that mammals were developing before the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction event that finished off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago...

How do wounds heal & how do scars form?

What happens when we get cut and bleed? How does skin scab over and heal? And why does skin scar? These two new vocabulary-filled TED-Eds from Sarthak Sinha get deep under our skin to give us a better understanding of...

How does the heart pump blood? – TED Ed

"For most of history, humans had no idea what purpose the heart served... although everyone could feel their own heart beating, it wasn't always clear what each thump was achieving... Even in the 21st century, only a ...

Glass Frog – Songs for Unusual Creatures

In this episode of Songs for Unusual Creatures, Michael Hearst visits the Frog Pod at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and then collaborates with glass armonica player Cecilia Brauer on a new so...

ScienceTake: What Makes Ticks Stick? A Mouth Like a Ratchet

From the NYTimes’ Science Take, watch the fascinating details of how a tick (a European wood tick in this case) sticks so effectively in skin: its mouth works like a ratchet.

Why Red Blood Cells Look Like Donuts

This week, the 5 year old discovered the science videos of Bite Sci-zed’s Alex Dainis, starting with this one: Echinoderm Show & Tell. When he immediately asked for more, we watched The Gas Laws, Dishes and...

The Bloodmobile – They Might Be Giants

The Bloodmobile by They Might Be Giants’ Here Comes Science, one of our favorite albums of songs and music videos. TKSST RECOMMENDSHere Comes Science CD+DVDThey Might Be Giants View this album on Amazon

The circulatory system: How blood is transported through our bodies

The circulatory system consisting of the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins, is the pumping mechanism that transports blood throughout the body.  In the heart, the left ventricle contracts, pushing red blood c...

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