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This papercraft pop-up book illustrates how South America and Africa used to be connected, how the supercontinent Pangaea broke apart 200 million years ago, how the Earth's seven primary tectonic plates are ever-shifting, and much more in this TED-Ed by educator Michael Molina: The Pangaea Pop-up.

There’s more paper-inspired science storytelling in the archives, including The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace, stop-motion shorts by Studio Nos, Whale Fall (After Life of a Whale), and another pop-up book: Revolution ( Life Cycle of a Drop of Water).

Where did the word robot come from? Let’s travel back to 1920, when Czech writer Karel Čapek wrote a sci-fi play about hard-working, human-like machines. Wait, first let’s go back farther: more than 1000 years. Jessica Oreck, Rachael Teel, and TEDEd will explain.

Check out more Lessons of Vernacular here, and from the archives: ROBOTS, including this one that’s up in space, this one that does backflips, and this one that rides a bike.

Two college student designers (Luke Greenway and Laura D’Asaro), 27 volunteers, seven hours of work, five attempts, and 2,131 books mixed together at the Seattle Public Library to create the longest book domino chain in the world. The library used the new world record to celebrate and promote their 2013 Summer Reading Program.

There are many, many more chain reactionsworld records, and books in the archives, including this stop motion fun: The Joy of Books.

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