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What happens when you pour ball pit balls onto an escalator?

They bounce down, they’re carried up, they bounce down, they’re carried up… how long can this go on?! This is what happens when someone pours a huge bag of ball pit balls onto an escalator. (P.S. kiddos, it’s best not...

CYMATICS: Science + music = audio frequency visualizations

With help from a Chladni Plate, vibrating liquid on a speaker dish, a hose pipe optical trick, ferrofluid, a Ruben's Tube, and a Telsa Coil, New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford showcases audio frequency visualizations...

Non-Newtonian fluid bouncing in super slow motion (1600fps)

We've seen oobleck bouncing on a speaker before, but we've never see it in 1600fps super slow motion like this. Watch as The Slow Mo Guys color oobleck red, puddle it into an old speaker, and slow it way, way down. ...

Geronimo! What you might not see in a drop of water

Directed & animated in watercolors by Sharon Liu, Geronimo! is a brief glimpse into the "epic movement we miss in every drop."

Water balloons falling (and bouncing) in slow motion

Slow motion water balloons, not filled completely so that they’ll bounce instead of pop. That’s some super ripple-y physics in action!

Coalescence cascade: A water drop dances in slow motion

Coalescence cascade! Watch MIT’s high speed cameras capture drops of water hitting the surface of water at 10,000 frames a second — that’s 400 times faster than the human eye....

Coalescence cascade: The bouncing droplet in slow motion

What is a coalescence cascade? When droplets of water contact the surface of water, it doesn't actually get absorbed straight away like you may think it does. What happens is it gradually bounces up and down until ...