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Freaky Flowers 3: Echinopsis flowers bloom in time lapse

“Echinopsis” is the name for a large family of cacti that originally hails from the hills and mountains of South America, not the desert setting we often associate with cacti. “Echin” comes from the Latin word Ekihnos...

Preposterous – A short about absurdity

Sometimes things don't make any sense, and that's okay... it can even be amusing! From motion and graphic designer Florent Porta, this is Preposterous, a short about absurdity.

Echinopsis Cacti – Brilliant blooming cactus flowers in time lapse

With a name stemming from echinos, meaning prickly or spiny like a hedgehog or sea urchin, echinopsis cacti are 128 species of South American native plants that are known for their bold and brilliant blooms. Greg Kreh...

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