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Building a traditional Swedish snölykta (snow lantern)

This winter I was in sweden again, and built a traditional swedish "snölykta" (snow lantern) together with my father, trying to build a larger one than we did when I was a child. And we actually managed! (Since usuall...

How to carve colorful decorative candles

Angel teaches customers how to carve candles in a family-owned gift shop in Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands. In this video, she explains how she dips, carves, and cools the still-warm wax candles t...

What is Fire? – It’s Okay to Be Smart

That glowing light, those information-filled colors, that smoke and vapor that seems to magically light warm embers... What kind of physics and chemistry are at work inside of a flame? Joe Hanson from It's Okay to Be ...

Watch the “Salvation Fish” Transform From Animal to Candle

In the waterways of northwestern British Columbia, the small eulachon, also known as smelt, candlefish, and halimotkw or Salvation Fish, has had a long history of importance to the area's indigenous people. Thanks to ...

Candle Chemistry – ExpeRimental

In this episode of ExpeRimental, Lisa and Josh explain the unseen as they make a flame jump through the air. Josh also measures how long it takes for covered candles to extinguish on their own. There's more activity i...

Schlieren flow visualizations: What Does Sound Look Like?

What Does Sound Look Like? NPR’s SkunkBear shows us the differences in fluid densities — in the form of compression waves in a gas, the air that surrounds us — thanks to the light passi...

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