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Venus flytraps count to avoid being tricked

If you're a venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), how do you know you've got a fly in your midst and not a raindrop? You count. Via ScienceMag: In order to mimic insect prey, the scientists stimulated the hairlike sen...

What’s inside the stomach of a carnivorous Pitcher Plant?

Luring insects into its pools of digestive juices, then dissolving the bugs into "amino acids, peptides, phosphates, ammonium and urea, from which the plant obtains its mineral nutrition," the Pitcher Plant is famousl...

Carnivorous Plants and Killer Ants – Gross Science

In this episode of NOVA’s Gross Science, Anna Rothschild introduces us to the carnivorous fanged pitcher plant (Nepenthes Bicalcarata) that preys on unsuspecting insects, but has a special relationship with one parti...

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