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How do baby flamingos become pink?

Watch as downy gray flamingo chicks are fed bright red milk, a sort of crop milk made from either parents' upper digestive tracts. As the chicks grow, they develop their signature pink feathers, as well as adult bills...

Why is Lake Hillier pink?

Fly over Lake Hillier, a stunning pink lake on Middle Island, off the south coast of Western Australia. The footage was filmed by Jaimen Hudson, who captures Australia's natural wonders by drone. Lake Hillier is a...

The Real Reason Leaves Change Color In the Fall – MinuteEarth

Every autumn, green chlorophyll fades from the leaves of deciduous trees, revealing the underlying reds, oranges, and yellows. But why does the chlorophyll fade in the first place? Recycling! MinuteEarth explains. ...

The Grand Prismatic Spring: One of Nature’s Most Amazing Sights

Yellowstone National Park's Grand Prismatic Spring may be the nation's largest hot spring, but it's primarily known for its vibrant rainbow of colors. Created by the unique bacteria and algae that live within each hue...

Why do leaves change color?

The arrival of autumn is a great reason to talk about chemistry: When tree leaves change from green to reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, we're seeing the tree's green chlorophyll fade away, revealing hidden autumnal...

The Leaf Color Chromatography Experiment

Why to some leaves change color in the fall? This experiment, Leaf Color Chromatography with Bite Sci-zed’s Alex Dainis, is the perfect autumn weekend project to learn about chlorophyll, carotenoids, xanthophylls, an...

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