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A pop-up Himeji Castle made with LEGO

Building castle models out of LEGO can be impressive, but what if the LEGO castle model unfolds like a pop-up book? Behold this LEGO pop-up Himeji Castle, a wonder of Japanese architecture and history, created by YouT...

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle Restoration at MSI Chicago

This huge fairy castle, a doll house made from 200 exacting components that can be packaged into shipping crates for touring, has been at the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry since 1949. In 2014, the structure...

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards’ Pipes and Drums

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards’ Pipes and Drums — “a section of pipers (playing the Great Highland Bagpipe), a section of snare drummers… several tenor drummers and us...

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