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"Jaguars are already one of the world’s most endangered species, but one of the two cubs on display at Zacango Zoo in Mexico is even more rare because it is melanistic. That means the animal appears completely black, although you can actually see spots if you look carefully. The two cubs were bred from different mothers and they’re the first of their kind to be born at the zoo for a decade."

From ITN, a report on the small big cats, including a rare black jaguar cub, at Zoologico de Zacango in Mexico. 

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Imagine building a mechanical character from a computer program that could calculate the size and positioning of gears in order to make that character’s motions come alive. The team at Disney Research have designed and programmed this interface for non-experts, and have 3D printed the resulting objects: Computational Design of Mechanical Characters

The video presentation could definitely use a bit of background music or narration, but it’s still fascinating to watch and great for discussion. The content is also groundbreaking for automataself-operating, moving mechanical devices that look like robots or living things.

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via The Automata Blog.

Small, light, and quick, the cheetah-cub robot is a robust little experiment in robotics and biomechanics from EPFL, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, one of two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. From

Even though it doesn’t have a head, you can still tell what kind of animal it is: the robot is definitely modeled upon a cat… The purpose of the platform is to encourage research in biomechanics; its particularity is the design of its legs, which make it very fast and stable… 

The number of segments – three on each leg – and their proportions are the same as they are on a cat. Springs are used to reproduce tendons, and actuators – small motors that convert energy into movement – are used to replace the muscles.

In the future, the stability and speed of this robot could be key attributes for finding people in search and rescue missions or for exploration of rough terrain.

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