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Seashell inspiration: Growing cement bricks with bacteria

Imagine an 8-year-old girl studying a seashell on the sand in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1985. It's her first trip to the beach and it's a moment that will set the course of her career: “The 8-year-old version of mys...

Concrete Does Not Dry Out – Minute Physics

If you've ever made pasta, you know what happens when you drop the noodles into a boiling pot: They absorb the water. Why? Pasta dries from an elastic dough as its water content evaporates. Compare this to concrete, "...

Curb Roller – How concrete curbs are made smooth

"If you know concrete, then you know just how difficult it can be to properly shape a concrete curb." If you don't know concrete, but you watch a curb roller in action, you may have no idea if properly shaping a concr...

Beautiful masonry – A demonstration of brick laying

Behold a brick layer with some serious skills. Has masonry every looked so smooth or peaceful as this?  Watch more construction videos and a few videos with bricks. Updated video.

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