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Clearing snow from the cables on the Port Mann Bridge

The Port Mann Bridge is one of the largest cable stay suspension bridges in the world. To keep traffic flowing during winter storms, teams of Rope Access Technicians hang high over traffic to operate the bridge's snow...

Meccano Rope-Making Machine

Engineered with metal strips, plates, angle girders, spools, chains, axles, gears, nuts, and bolts, this rope-making machine twists three strands of string into a rope. Built by Meccano enthusiast Peter Ashby, the mac...

Newton’s Beads: A physics demo by Steve Mould & Earth Unplugged

It turns out that a long chain of metal beads behaves in an unexpected way — it seems to levitate and loop up — as it starts to fall out of the cup that it starts in. It’s a p...

LEGO Rolling Ball Clock

Jason Allemann, who created these Lego mazes last year, built this beautiful and elegant Lego ball clock. The video shows how the rail system works with one ball being hauled up the chain e...

Bike Shorts Film competition winner: Bicycle Sounds

Winner of the Bike Shorts Film Competition, Bicycle Sounds was created by Stephen Meierding, an artist, photographer, and videographer in NYC. It’s a great exploration of rhythm, sound, color and physics. The k...

How It’s Made: Bike Chains

How bike chains are made, from the show How It’s Made. I can’t remember how we happened upon this video, but the kid loves it… all of those little shiny pieces so easily found in action out in the w...

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