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How To Make Fake Poo, a mini psychology experiment

Shock your children by taking a taste of a repulsive poo! Then, by following our recipe, explore what it is that makes us feel emotions like disgust. Through this activity, Dwain and Sahara learn how our emotions a...

Do M&Ms dissolve in water?

Yes, yes they do. From the Beauty of Science team led by Yan Liang, enjoy this 4K time lapse video of m&m's artificial colors dissolving in petri dishes of water. Watch more from Beauty of Science.

Welding in Space

On June 3, 1965, after America's first spacewalk was complete, the two Gemini IV astronauts, spacewalker Edward H. White II and command pilot James A. McDivitt, had trouble getting the hatch closed. They managed to, a...

How chocolate Easter Eggs are made (for us & for the Queen)

How do you make a giant chocolate Easter Egg for Her Majesty the Queen of England? The Telegraph went behind the scenes with Bill Keeling at Prestat, Purveyors of Chocolate in 2015 to document the meticulous process. ...

How Do They Put the Centers in Chocolates?

From the National Film Board of Canada, a classic wordless short film from 1997: How Do They Put the Centers in Chocolates? File under chocolate, factory, NFB, and how things are made. In the archives: How Do They ...

The Hidden World of Chocolate

You've seen chocolate... but have you seen it under a scanning electron microscope? Johns Hopkins University grad student Jennifer Dailey leads students through a bit of chocolate testing: heating and cooling chocolat...

Animated chocolate cake zoetropes by Alexandre Dubosc

From food artist Alexandre Dubosc, this is Melting POP, a cake-shaped zoetrope filled with popcorn, chocolate, sound effects, hungry characters, and a bonus reference to Georges Méliès' Le voyage dans la lune (A Trip ...

Who grows the cocoa in your chocolate bar?

Creative studio Nice and Serious collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance and Adrien Koffi Kouadio, “a cocoa farmer, family man, a community leader and football lover” in the vil...

How to create chocolate out of nothing

Geometry has never looked so sweet… or perplexing: Mariano Tomatis shows us how to create chocolate out of nothing. Related reading: Curse of the crystal skulls and other vanishing area puzzles and the missing ...

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