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A pacific razor clam burrows rapidly into the sand

Watch as a pacific razor clam (Siliqua Patula) rapidly burrows into the sand with its large foot. When it's almost completely buried, it ejects spouts of water, a reaction that a variety of razor clams are known for. ...

Sea fans, barracuda & a giant clam in 4K – Earth Touch

Yellowtail barracuda, a giant clam, a sea cucumber, scorpionfish, gorgonian sea fans, and more: Earth Touch takes us underwater to Phi-Phi National Marine Reserve's Bida Nok in the Andaman Sea, Thailand. Beautiful, fu...

The largest sea star in the world: a sunflower sea star eating

What if you didn’t send food down to your stomach to digest it, but you sent your stomach up to your food instead? This is exactly what the sunflower seastar does. With 16 to 24 arms and...

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