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From Clay to Mosaics – How zellige (الزليج) mosaics are made

From Moroccan interior design company Habibi Interiors, watch as maâlems (master craftsmen) take their time and skill to create terra cotta tiles known as zellige, zillij, or الزليج, meaning "tiles" in Arabic: From Cl...

Changing claymation creature portraits: “I am a…”

"I am a..." by animation director Andy Martin, who we've enjoyed before: You sit down to have your portrait painted, but who are you? What is the image you want to project? How will the artist manipulate it? Are yo...

Dance on the circle: Wet clay patterns on a spinning potter’s wheel

Wet clay on a spinning potter’s wheel transforms with every turn in this improvisational form of art. The video runs a bit long at 15m24s, but the kids still wanted to include it here thanks t...

Made by the Sea – Pottery from beach-harvested clay

Made by the Sea, a film by Alun Callender, features potter Judith Rowe and the work she creates from clay harvested at Bulverhythe Beach in East Sussex. There’s more pottery spinning o...

Sesame Street: Spinning clay on a pottery wheel

Another classic Sesame Street clip: spinning clay on a pottery wheel.

Olive Us: pottery lesson at Horseshoe Mountain Pottery

A pottery lesson at Horseshoe Mountain Pottery in Utah, with Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty & June, the six siblings of Olive Us. The film was co-made with Tiger in a Jar. More pottery!

No Noodles by Tyler Nicolson

No Noodles! Small creatures explore and inhabit an even smaller world. A short stop motion film by Tyler Nicolson, music by Chris Adriaanse. via Colossal.

CREATE by Dan MacKenzie

A mad scientist is in the middle of making a monster… sort of. A story that flips between two parallel worlds, CREATE is a short stop motion animation by artist, animator, and director D...

Riddings Pottery: “Throwing” a bowl on the pottery wheel

"Throwing" a bowl on the pottery wheel from start to finish. Part 2 here.  Riddings Pottery, located in Derbyshire UK, is where John Rivers makes his own clay from a local coal seam, and then...