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Stomping, fluffing, puffing: The mating displays of lesser prairie-chickens

When lesser prairie-chickens mate, the action starts early. Before dawn in April and May, males stomp their feet in the grass like they’re warming up for a track meet. As they dance, they inflate bright red air sacs o...

What counts as a mountain?

Mountains: super tall, rocky landforms that rise high above the surrounding environment, much higher than hills. We might draw one as a single peak like Mount Fuji, or as a zig zag line of peaks representing a mountai...

Ladybug swarm and how they reveal their wings to fly

This lady bug swarm video from the mountains above Boulder, Colorado got popular in 2010, but the kids hadn’t seen it until this weekend and loved just how colorful this particular swarm...

Snow Circles: Beautiful snow patterns by Sonja Hinrichsen

These quilt-like Snow Circles by artist Sonja Hinrichsen were created in three hours with a team of five people in snow shoes. It was filmed by Cedar Beauregard, a local aerial photographer with a camera mounted on a ...

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