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Sesame Street’s Mad Painter paints the number 7, starring Paul Benedict and featuring Stockard Channing and Jerome Raphel. We especially love the jaunty silent film-style music. After this, watch the number 4, the number 5, the number 6, the number 9, the number 10, the number 11, and the numbers 3 and 8 below:

There’s more classic Sesame Street in the archives, including How Crayons are Made, Three Striped Balls & a Polka-dot Ball, Shape Organization, and Old Paper, New Paper.

This late night talk show video suggestion from a dad and his five year old takes us back to 1984, an era when David Letterman wore suits made of spongesrice crispies, potato chips, alka seltzer — with the help of an oxygen mask to shield him from the carbon dioxide being released from the tablets— as well as these two videos of Dave hanging around in a suit of velcro, above, and a magnets suit, below: 

Thanks, @jimbrayton.

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