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How Do Tropical Rainforests Make Clouds?

What is a tropical rainforest and how do they make clouds? Maddie Moate and Greg Foot visit the world's largest indoor tropical rainforest at The Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom. There, while crossing the pro...

Catching fog to help combat Peru’s water shortage

Along the foggy coasts of Peru, where millions of people don't have access to clean water, Abel Cruz Gutiérrez helps catch 200 to 350 liters (around 50 to 100 gallons) of water per day with each 'fog catcher' he sets ...

Can Bird Poop Make Clouds?

How does bird poop potentially help to keep our climate just a wee bit cooler? In this episode of Gross Science, Anna Rothschild helps connect tens of millions of seabirds in the Arctic to 40,000 metric tons of ammoni...

Can Namib Desert beetles help us solve our drought problems?

Can we pull enough water out of the air to sustain drought-stricken places around the planet? It might help to Think Like A Tree... or a Namib Desert Beetle called the Stenocara gracilipes, who harvests water from the...

Why Do Clouds Stay Up? – It’s Okay to Be Smart

Clouds are filled with so many water droplets that they're actually heavy... like 100 elephants heavy or a 747 airplane heavy! So why don't clouds fall out of the sky? It's Okay to Be Smart's Joe Hanson explains every...

Burj Khalifa: The tech behind the world’s tallest building

The tallest man-made structure in the world (in 2014) is Dubai's Burj Khalifa. It stands 2,716 feet tall, cost $1.5 billion, and could not exist without its (very expensive) advanced technologies. Above, CNN Money exp...

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