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This Book is a Planetarium by Kelli Anderson

How can a book illuminate constellations, play music, and create spirograph drawings? This stop-motion promo video for the pop-up book This Book is a Planetarium demonstrates how... and introduces a few scientific con...

The Big Dipper Through Time

Stars aren’t still--they move through space. Our Sun and the seven stars that form the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major all orbit the center of the Milky Way at different speeds. So why do today’s constellat...

What is a constellation? – Crash Course Kids

A constellation is a cluster of stars that create an imaginary shape... a celestial connect-the-dots. In a sky full of millions of stars, these connections between the brightest objects helps astronomers, storytellers...

How to Observe a Meteor Shower – Cal Academy

Get some blankets, find a dark hill on a dark night, make sure you've napped, and put away that smartphone. The California Academy of Sciences has some excellent tips for seeing shooting stars, more accurately known a...

First Evidence for Water Ice Clouds Found Outside Solar System

Take a (peacefully quiet) tour through and beyond our solar system to visit a neighboring brown dwarf -- a sort of failed star that's too large to be called a planet -- called W0855. A team of scientists, led by Carne...

The Violent End Stage of Star Formation

With gradient colors and radiating patterns, the incredible images from the Hubble Telescope can often seem tranquil, but this SpaceRip video from the European Southern Observatory's ESOcast reveals what's really happ...

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