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How traditional Chinese cloth shoes are made

Based in the city of Mianyang in China's Sichuan Province, vlogger Li Ziqi 李子柒 has cultivated a following of almost seven million people on the popular microblogging website Weibo. Her videos, also found on YouTube...

How Do They Braid Rope?

How do they braid rope in a factory? This wordless 1997 short film by Don White for the National Film Board of Canada showcases the machines that twist and spool ropes of all sizes. For more detail, American twist...

A Slaton Co-op Gin truck easily flips 20,000lbs of cotton

Cotton may look like a cloud, but an eight foot or 2.44 meter square cotton bale is heavy: around 5,000lbs. When you put one (or four) in your truck, it's probably best that the bales don't roll around on their sides,...

How Denim Jeans Are Made

Everyone has a pair or two... or a few more than that. Around 450 million pairs are sold every year, and yet their origins might not be well-known. From a humble start as sturdy work pants, to today's cotton farms, to...

What does it take to make a t-shirt? – NPR’s Planet Money

What does it take to make a t-shirt? We’ve watched a video about this subject before, but NPR’s Planet Money answered this question in the most amazing way: they traveled across...

The Impact of One Cotton T-Shirt

In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic just released a video explaining the impact of a cotton t-shirt: how much water it takes to make just one, how much energy it takes to grow, manufactu...

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