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A Slaton Co-op Gin truck easily flips 20,000lbs of cotton

Cotton may look like a cloud, but an eight foot or 2.44 meter square cotton bale is heavy: around 5,000lbs. When you put one (or four) in your truck, it's probably best that the bales don't roll around on their sides,...

How Denim Jeans Are Made

Everyone has a pair or two... or a few more than that. Around 450 million pairs are sold every year, and yet their origins might not be well-known. From a humble start as sturdy work pants, to today's cotton farms, to...

What does it take to make a t-shirt? – NPR’s Planet Money

What does it take to make a t-shirt? We’ve watched a video about this subject before, but NPR’s Planet Money answered this question in the most amazing way: they traveled across...

The Impact of One Cotton T-Shirt

In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic just released a video explaining the impact of a cotton t-shirt: how much water it takes to make just one, how much energy it takes to grow, manufactu...

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