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Predators Attack Fish Bait Ball – Blue Planet

A bait ball of frenzied anchoveta swarm in their tightly packed sphere and tornado formations to better protect themselves against the larger bonito and yellow fin tuna that are swimming nearby. The predators are hung...

The Chemistry of Skunk Spray

Skunks are infamous for their awful-smelling odor, but they don't always smell that way. Their spray, a liquid full of stinky chemicals from their anal scent glands, is used strategically to chase away predators. In t...

Slime Cannon Attack – How Velvet Worm slime jets work

Giant velvet worms (Peripatus solorzanoi) are unusual creatures for many reasons -- including the fact that they are "not worms, not insects, millipedes, centipedes, or slugs" -- but their super-sliming glands, rapidl...

Swima bombiviridis (Green Bomber Worms)

This is the swima bombiviridis, a bioluminescent “Green Bomber” that was found in deep Pacific waters in 2009 by Karen Osborn of Scripps Oceanography. From  Thousands of meters below...

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