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Korea Aerospace Research Institute: Human-Powered Aircraft

How would you design a human-powered aircraft? Watch these teams compete to keep their pedal-powered vehicles aloft in an annual, crash-filled contest held at South Korea's Goheung Airlines Center. This 2013 video was...

A Chorus of Keys: Beats with old keyboards & typewriters

From The Verge, this is A Chorus of Keys: Drop the Space, an audio/visual celebration of iconic keyboards from our recent history.

Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

When we wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for school or work, and head out the door, we may not be thinking about how incredibly unique our small, wet rock of a planet is. But the Earth is incredibly unique. Learn som...

The Solar Do-Nothing Machine by Charles and Ray Eames

Designed by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames, this is the Solar Do-Nothing Machine, a whimsy-maker of sorts, but also "one of the first devices to convert solar energy to electricity. The Eames office asked...

Why do honeybees love hexagons?

What is it about the six-sided hexagon that makes it such a perfect shape for storing honey? It's an efficient design! Just ask a bee, one of nature’s finest mathematicians, or watch this TED Ed by Zack Patterson and ...

Kurzgesagt: How Big is the Moon Really

How Big is the Moon Really? It might be much bigger (or much smaller) than you'd imagine. Kurzgesagt explains.

Jule Waibel’s 25 dresses for 25 cities

The geometry of folding meets fashion in this video for German designer Jule Waibel and her collection of 25 paper dresses. Folded from huge sheets of colorfully designed paper, they were dis...


Shape, a film about design and how it can change our experiences in the spaces that we live. “If for one day you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?R...

Evolution of the Bicycle

"From the wooden horse to the modern racer," this is the Evolution of the Bicycle by Visual Artwork. Music: Flying Home by The Benny Goodman Sextet.

In Orbit: Two people live in a giant hamster wheel

For ten days in a Pierogi Gallery space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder lived in “a giant hamster wheel,” a large installation called In Orbit. Fro...

Rainbow in Your Hand

This is Masashi Kawamura's Rainbow in Your Hand. Kawamura also worked on the Japanese television show Pitagora Suitchi. In the archives: more flipbooks.

Making Florentijn Hofman’s Feestaardvarken (Partyaardvark)

Watch the making of Florentijn Hofman’s Feestaardvarken (Partyaardvark), a 30 meter long, climbable concrete sculpture made for Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Hofman’s work with giant an...

Portland’s Nutmegger Workshop: How vintage-style signs are made

Watch how vintage-style signs are made at Portland, Oregon’s Nutmegger Workshop.

Weaver Birds design and build intricate nests

Narrated by David Attenborough, watch these Weaver Birds, or Ploceidae, design and build intricate nests to woo mates. They start with a simple knot, and then it’s all about experience, c...

Richie Parker, NASCAR racing team engineer

“I can’t say there’s anything that I can’t do… just things that I haven’t done yet.” From ESPN and SportsCenter, the story of Richie Parker, engineer for NASCAR racing team Hendrick Motorsports. via Upwo...

How does the Earth’s gravity help keep satellites in orbit?

How does the Earth’s gravity help keep satellites in orbit? From the team at This is Real Art, watch this explainer about the physics of orbiting satellites. It’s one in a series o...

The Oxymoron Maker: Cold ice cream inside a warm brioche

Cold ice cream inside a warm brioche: this treat is called an oxymoron, which is a word that means “ a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms.” Sounds delicious, but what’s this gadget assembling itself in...

The Solar System — our home in space

Take a trip through The Solar System — our home in space in this Kurzgesagt animation by information designer Philipp Dettmer.

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