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From Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls YouTube series: meet firefighter Xochitl Hernandez, one of 57 female firefighters in Austin Fire Department. Hernandez explains why she loves her job, and shares some of the amazing equipment that she uses with her brigade to help people in need.

There’s more to check out at AmySmartGirls.com, and watch more excellent firefighter videos in the archives.

What’s more efficient: a four way stop or a European-style roundabout? Watch how Adam Savage, Jaime Hyneman, and The Mythbusters team put it to the test to find out the answer. (And if this video disappears, you can find out in the Hypermiling/Crash Cushions episode on Amazon Instant Video.)

Updated video.

In the archives: more experiments.

Mission 26 The Big Endeavour, a time lapse video of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's journey through the streets of Los Angeles, from LAX to its new home at the California Science Center. The video was created by Matthew Givot and his team of six time-lapse specialists.

The California Science Center created a map of the route that took four days and four nights to complete. Total distance: 11.72 miles.

via Vimeo.