Topic: Eddy Current

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The surprising interactions between copper and neodymium magnets

Experiments with super strong neodymium magnets and copper! These surprising demonstrations of magnetic damping go beyond the magnet through a copper tube demo that we've previously seen. Watch as Night Hawk in Light ...

To the Scientists of the Future: Materials science with EUPHRATES

Created by EUPHRATES and Masahiko Sato for Japan's National Institute for Material Science (NIMS), these three "To the Scientists of the Future" short films are a mesmerizing combination of materials research innovati...

Dropping a neodymium magnet through a thick copper pipe

There are quite a few neodymium magnets falling through copper pipes on the internet, but we can still understand why this demonstration video is making the rounds: it’s just so cool lo...

Neodymium magnet + copper pipe = magnetic damping

Neodymium magnet + copper pipe = magnetic damping: When a magnetic field moves through a conductor a current called an Eddy current is induced in the conductor due to the magnetic field’s movement. The flo...

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